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July 27-30, 2017

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photo credit: David Kimmelman

Justin Vivian Bond
Special Opening Night Appearance

Thursday, July 27, 2017 – 7:30 PM and 10PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

In an attempt to practice radical empathy Mx Justin Vivian Bond is stepping out of their liberal champagne bubble and venturing on a cultural fact-finding mission across America. Sticking with their credo, “Keep it Pretty, Keep, it Shallow, Keep it Moving,” Mx Bond asks, “Why alienate when you can infiltrate?” Share thoughts, ideas and world views with this trans-genre phenomenon and as they explore what common links we can enjoy with the right social lubricants and musical interludes—but never forget, “Glamour is Resistance!”

Justin Vivian Bond is a trans-genre artist living in NYC; but in showbiz terms, Bond is a quintuple threat—a celebrated singer/songwriter, author, painter, performance artist and occasional actor. Described as “the best cabaret artist of this generation,” as a performer both on and off-Broadway, Mx Bond has received numerous accolades winning an Obie (2001), a Bessie (2004), a Tony nomination (2007), the Ethyl Eichelberger Award (2007), The Peter Reed Foundation Grant and a New York Foundation for the Arts Grant for Artists. V authored the Lambda Literary Award winning memoir TANGO: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels (The Feminist Press, 2011).

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Justin Vivian Bond Bio

photo credit: Sarah Peck

Brian King + What Time is It, Mr. Fox? 
Friday, July 28, 2017 – 7 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

How often do we play The Fool? In the course of history, Society has often relegated the queer to the role of the clown, from sad Pierrot to the sissy, the funny fop to the lonely dandy. Backed by his neo-cabaret band, What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?, singer-songwriter, Brian King performs an internal/external wrestling match onstage with these characters. Through make-up, costume, monologues and original music, Brian examines the ways these archetypes both empower and limit our identities and relationships. Assisted by a cult of personalities, including an aerialist and acrobat, “Gravitational Fool” is a sensual circus of the psyche that will cure you of your clown phobia

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Brian King & What Time Is It, Mr. Fox Bio


photo credit: Ian Douglas

Marga Gomez
Friday, July 28, 2017 – 10 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

In POUND, Marga Gomez plays a celibate celesbian catapulted through a vaginal portal into a steamy data cloud where notorious lesbian cinematic archetypes such as extortionists, showgirls, murderers, and school teachers hook up in spectacularly meta ways. Directed by David Schweizer and direct from hit runs in New York, San Francisco, Portland, and more.

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Marga Gomez Bio

photo credit: Bob Gruen

Tammy Faye Starlite
Nico: Evening of Light
Saturday, July 29, 2017 – 7 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

Tammy Faye Starlite eerily channels Nico, chanteuse from the Velvet Underground and beyond (i.e., the overground) featuring her better-known and lesser-known songs, which encompass the ominous and beautiful opacity of her Teutonic soul, her recollections (Rashomon-style) about the men who loved her: Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Jim Morrison, Jackson Browns, Iggy Pop (among others, many others), her musings on fate, nihilism, necromancy and the current state of the world, which is as protean as her flickering soul.

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Tammy Faye Starlite Bio

photo credit: Stephen Menendez

Penny Arcade
Longing Lasts Longer
Sunday, July 30, 2017 – 8 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

Penny Arcade is a force of nature. Longing Lasts Longer is Edinburgh’s double award-winning show from New York’s undisputed queen of the underground, which turns contemporary stand-up on its head to create a crack in the post-gentrified landscape. Driven by her magnetic rock n’ roll energy, Arcade’s razor sharp satire is mixed live to euphoric soundscapes inspired by four decades of pop culture. A blow against the golden age of stupidity, this is a passionate and exuberant performance anthem where you can think, laugh and dance all at the same time!

Longing Lasts Longer was developed improvisationally in front of live audiences at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater, New York; Theater for the New City, New York; Afterglow Festival, Provincetown; Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt; and as part of a four-week residency at The MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire. Longing Lasts Longer’s world premiere occurred at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, August 2015. Co-produced by Jeremy Goldstein’s London Artists Projects and Soho Theatre London, Longing Lasts Longer was awarded both a Scotsman Fringe First Award and the Herald Angel Award. The American premiere was at St. Ann’s Warehouse, New York, December 2016.

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Penny Arcade Bio


September 21, 2017 – May 17, 2018


photo credit: Dangelos

John Kelly
Time No Line
Thursday, September 21, 2017 – 8 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

Time No Line focuses on how we can identify collective histories through the experience of an individual. This new solo performance work integrates movement, song, live drawing, and interactions with projected texts and images as the components of a live dramatic autobiographical narrative.

This work utilizes themes and details of John Kelly’s personal history as a survivor of a generation of artists that emerged out of the East Village performance scene of the 1980’s and was subsequently decimated by the AIDS pandemic. One of the goals of this work is to focus on and contribute to a rift in the larger cultural and social continuity and dialogue.

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photo credit: Stephen Menendez

Bridget Barkan
Dear Stranger, I Love You
Thursday, November 16, 2017 – 8 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

Bridget shines her light on the community that continues to inspire this living alternative cabaret show.  You’ll be delighted and moved by her stories, characters, original and cover songs, improvisation, poetry, dance and unapologetic truth. A musical journey from bad to new love, a dance between free love and committed love, the fight for self love and ultimate infinite universal love that can bring us all together: Perhaps our struggles will usher in an endless season of Love.

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photo credit: Marco Ovando

Paul Iacono
Too Much
Thursday, November 14, 2017 – 8 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

Recovered child actor who played opposite Elaine Stritch and Christine Ebersole cum downtown New York performer and hedonistic nocturne-crawler: Paul Iacono (film’s G.B.F, MTV’s “The Hard Times of RJ Berger”) throws a retrospective burlesque party of excess and debauchery celebrating the highs and lows of his surreal twining careers in showbiz and nightlife, over-sharing pointedly personal and insanely hilarious moments from Hollywood to Lafayette and beyond. It’s so much more than a lot.


photo credit: Jeff Eason

Lady Bunny
Thursday, January 25, 2018 – 8 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

Foul-mouthed drag legend Lady Bunny usually shies away from politics – because it’s one hell of a train wreck right now. But she doesn’t shy away from gender politics. From the new pronoun we’re forced to learn every time Will Smith’s son puts on a dress, to Caitlyn Jenner reaching out to Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz to become his ‘trans ambassador’, Bunny feels that it’s time for the gloves to come off.

Featuring new parodies of Adele, RENT, and Bruno Mars punctuated by some actually insightful social commentary (well, she thinks so anyway). Trashing the current overemphasis on political correctness, Bunny breaks down some of the latest buzzwords that we’re all supposed to remember for every occasion. The self proclaimed ‘pig in wig’ brings her trademark huge hair to astound and offend – prepare to be challenged.

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photo credit: M. Sharkey Studios

Joseph Keckler
Self Portrait as an Opera
Thursday, April 5, 2018 – 8 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

Calling on a powerful and versatile voice, Joesph Keckler presents a collection of colorful episodes from his own life–a trip on hallucinogens, and an expedition to the bondage store, for instance—in operatic form, as though they were epic dramas of life an death. He veers into vivid fantasies as well, leading the audience through terrain both humorous and haunting.

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photo credit: Michele Bioux

The F Word
Thursday, May 17, 2018 – 8 PM
Oberon at the American Repertory Theater

The F Word is FEMINISM! Let’s hear it from the painted mouth of Fauxnique, the lady drag queen and dancing, singing raconteuse. A frank fabulist whose Fosse-lized focus and forceful frame forge fanciful factual fictions, Fauxnique’s fashionably fierce form of feminism is filled with f***ing fantastic feats of hi-femme frippery.  See why she broke through the glass ceiling of the male-dominated world of drag to become a queen among queens. A look at Feminism through the lens of Drag Cabaret and vice/versa.

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photo credit: Ric Ide

 Hosted by Stella Starsky + Quinn Cox